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Claudia Yin
Aug 15, 2020
In MingleLIngo Forum
Frequently Asked Questions about learning at MingleLingo: Q: What is MingleLingo? A: MingleLingo is an online platform which matches students who teach each other their native languages / languages they are fluent in. In addition to matching, MingleLingo provides resources to students, such as modules which will give students a structure to follow during their sessions. Q: What can I learn at MingleLingo? A: MingleLingo provides a matching service for students, with a specialised focus on oral development in languages, but anything from grammar to vocabulary is available at MingleLingo. Q: How are students matched up? A: From the sign-up form, students will be matched up based on the language(s) they are fluent in as well as the language(s) they want to learn. For example, a native Chinese speaker who wants to learn French will be matched up with a native French speaker wanting to learn Chinese. Q: What are the sessions like? A: Each session will be 45 minutes long, where the students are categorised by 'Mentor' and 'Learner'. The student who teaches their native language / language they are fluent in is the 'Mentor', while the student learning the language is the 'Learner'. Sessions will cover our curated MingleLingo Modules, and checkpoint forms will be used to ensure the progress of both students. Q: What are the MingleLingo Modules? A: The MingleLingo Modules are the core of this programme. They are inclusive for all types of learners with different levels of proficiency and experience. These modules cover topics within language basics, daily life, culture and academic preparation. The section on Basics will cover the alphabet, numbers, basic grammar/conjugation, colours; The section on Daily Life would go through common words/phrases, food, weather, transportation. The third integral component of this programme would be to encourage Cultural Exchange, where both students could talk about social issues, current events in their respective countries, slang, pop culture and all types of media. Lastly, the programme will offer Test Preparation / Academic Support, where students will be given a set of instructions beforehand to better prepare them to teach the other’s upcoming tests in a particular syllabus. However, these modules are ever-evolving and will be updated on a monthly basis with newer and more interesting topics. Q: How are sessions scheduled? A: To make for a fair schedule completely agreed upon by both students, sessions will be scheduled and confirmed by administrative staff. Students may contact them at Q: What if I'm unsatisfied with my 'Mentor' / 'Learner'? A: MingleLingo admins will help by possibly rematching you to another student, depending on the situation. If any issues arise, please contact them at Q: What if I have more questions? A: Don't hesitate to ask us more about our platform at; or if you are a member, send us a quick message on our website!
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Claudia Yin

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